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Art Docent Enrichment

In return for a couple hours of your time each week, docents benefit from a rich and comprehensive ongoing education program. Monthly General Meetings, regular field trips to museums and other art venues, and social activities lend an incredible sense of community and camaraderie to our group. This year, activities will be offered in-person as well as remotely.

General Meetings

General meetings begin with business, and then feature an enjoyable educational program, such as a guest lecturer or adult art lesson.

Field Trips

Field trips to museums with docent led tours, artist’s studios, and private collections are planned throughout the year to expand docent’s art knowledge. We have been fortunate to visit places such as Runnymede Sculpture Farm, Anderson Collection, Hess Collection, Friday Night Palo Alto Art Walk, and Bouquets to Art at the De Young Museum.


Social events are just as important to the Art Docents as teaching as it provides a way to stay connected to others in the group. Themed potluck lunches and dinners are a highlight for many of our members.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a way for the docents to have fun in the summer too. These docent led camps are a way for us to share our crafts and hobbies with others in the group.

New Friends

You get to meet a wide variety of fellow docents of varying ages that you otherwise would not have met. They are fun group of people who love art and want to share it with kids in the Los Altos school district.