Photo of Art Docent founder Nancy Marston

Los Altos Art Docent founder Nancy Marston

Our History

In 1970, the Art Docents began their journey of bringing art classes to the Los Altos School District. What started out as a few lessons, has now evolved to over 40 distinct lessons, all taught by trained volunteer art docents.

The Los Altos Art Docents are a distinctive group of trained volunteers, who teach art in a manner which expands and motivates the development of creativity and curiosity in the children of the Los Altos School District. Our program involves the imagination of the child and increases his and her technical skills in the creation of art.

The Los Altos Art Docent program was co-founded in the spring of 1970 by Nancy Marston and Marlene Grove. Frustrated by funding cuts for art instruction in the public schools, the two co-founders were determined to keep art in the schools. They were joined by 25 other women, who vowed, in the words of the group’s mission statement, “to help children explore art through appreciation and participation.”