Training FAQ

What if I have a commitment on Wednesday mornings?

Because Art Docent trainings and general meetings are scheduled on Wednesday mornings during the school year, you should plan on having Art Docent activities those mornings. Missing an occasional training or meeting can be accommodated.

My children are not in school yet. Can I bring them to Art Docent activities?

Art Docent training and meetings are geared for adults only. Children cannot accompany docents when teaching in the classrooms. Many Art Docents start when children are in a reliable child care or school situation; and most find Art Docent activities more enjoyable on their own without children. Art Docents have been around for over 35 years, and will still need volunteers when your children are older!

What is the time commitment?

We ask for a 2-year commitment. Year 1 is the training year, which has meetings most Wednesday mornings and classroom lessons starting as you feel comfortable and ready to go. Year 2 is the first teaching & assisting year. You schedule your own lessons during the week at times convenient for your schedule. Docents are asked to teach or assist 4 lessons per month. There are general meetings the second Wednesday of each month as well. Art Docents also host biennial school site student art shows in the spring. Each docent is expected to contribute 4-6 hours to the shows each year.

Art Docents also may participate in optional activities such as special field trips, monthly artist clubs, potlucks and parties. We like to have fun and learn more ourselves too.

I speak with an accent. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Art Docents come from all over the world and have different accents. If you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a class, then you may sign up as an assistant. Trained assistants are needed to help the lessons run smoothly and to help individual students as needed. In addition, there are many other activities within the organization such as developing curriculum and “hanging” the Annual Art Show you can participate in.

Will I be alone when teaching an art lesson?

No! Teachers remain in the classroom during art docent lessons and oversee classroom discipline issues. Many lessons require two art docents, one to lead the lesson and another to assist. Another option is to partner teach with another docent. In training, instruction is provided in classroom techniques to help you be successful. We provide the support and you have the time to become confident in the classroom.

Do I need to have an art background or talent?

Absolutely not! Although we do have docents with art backgrounds, most do not. Docents are from all walks of life: homemakers, accountants, lawyers, pharmacists, realtors, doctors, engineers, technologists, business people and everything in between!