Links to Art-Related websites

Art Project Powered by Google
Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.
Art History and Artists for Kids from
An online compilation of websites by, an educational website covering subjects such as history, science, biography, geography, and math.
Art History Teaching Resources
Includes lesson plans mostly for high school and above levels, but includes many online resource links to additional media content online.
MetKids by the Metropolitan Museum of Art
An interactive website created by and for kids featuring content from the NY Metropolitan Museum.
The Santa Clara County Arts Education Initiative is a county-wide initiative to provide arts education for all public school students.
Oxford University Press’s Oxford Art Online
Features collection and subject guides for art from around the world. Also includes a link to art education resources from the New York MoMA for lessons that detail explorations of modern art.
The Art Story: Modern Art Insight
Online modern art encyclopedia educational non-profit organization that seeks to educate the public about modern art.
The Getty Museum
Definitions and examples of the elements of art that are used by artists working in various media.
Mother of All Art & Art History Link Pages
Art History research resources, image collections & online art, museums, new media, etc.
The Tate Museum for Kids
Make arts and crafts, play art themed games, and learn about modern art and artists from the Tate Modern Art Museum.
MoMA Learning
Browse the MoMA’s learning center to learn more about modern art themes and download lesson plans for the classroom.
NGAkids Art Zone - iOS app
Play and create electronic art with the National Gallery of Art. Download the iOS App from the link above or search for “NGAkids Art Zone” on your iPad in the App Store.
San Francisco Arts Media
Descriptions of art exhibitions & events in San Francisco.
Davis Arts Blog for Elementary Schools
Explore art lesson plans from the arts education and advocacy publisher Davis Publications.
Online art history resource from the Khan Academy including definitions of the art elements and the principles of composition.
Khan Academy Partner Content
Explore additional Khan Academy partner content from museums such as The Met, The Tate, The MoMA, the Getty Museum, the Asian Art Museum, and the British Museum.